Harnessing the power of the sun in order to provide end-line consumers with a more sustainable way of meeting their needs can provide a number of important ecological benefits. From the most basic solar-powered water heaters that do little more than store water in locations where the heat of the sun can be put to better use to vast and sophisticated commercial power plants and installations, there are a wide variety of ways that solar energy can be harnessed. Learning more about Read the rest of this entry »

Energy costs are rising, and they will continue to rise as we deplete our resources. But there are ways to reduce your costs and help the environment at the same time. If enough people choose to take the energy crisis seriously, we can make enormous strides in sustainability. Coal is dirty and nasty, nuclear power still presents major problems, especially concerning spent fuel rods and the use of fracking (pumping water and chemicals underground to extract oil or gas) contaminates ground water. More and more people are choosing to use green electricity, that is, electricity that is generated without harming the planet and that is sustainable.

You can research green electricity options by visiting Ambit Energy Rates. There are sustainable options that don’t involve using non-sustainable fuels, such as coal and gas; and that don’t contribute to climate change by releasing noxious toxins into our air and water.

Green electricity that is generated from wind and solar power are two good examples of renewable energy; we will always have wind and sun”so why not use it? While it is often true that the initial costs of switching to alternative energy sources can be high, it will pay off in the long run in terms of cost and environmental impact.
Wind turbines don’t have to be 80 feet tall or noisy enough to scare wildlife to be effective. Homeowners can install small, inconspicuous wind turbines to help offset their electricity costs. Or, they can use one or more wind turbines in conjunction with solar panels to generate all of their electricity.

Solar power is still misunderstood. The fact is you don’t have to live in a year-round sunny climate in order to benefit from solar power. Energy from the sun is captured by way of a solar photovoltaic device (solar panel), converted to electricity and stored in batteries for backup power. But what many people don’t realize is that there is solar gain even on cloudy days; not as much of course, because the sun’s rays have to make their way through the cloud cover in order to get collected, but there is always some solar gain even on a dull, grey day.

Using alternative energy sources and being mindful of the amount of energy you use every day will reduce your energy bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Conserving the electricity you use is quite easily done: use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, beef up the insulation in your home to facilitate heating and cooling and consciously use less electricity for your daily living.

As easily pumped oil becomes a thing of the past, more expensive techniques for producing barrels have increased oil costs dramatically. These increased oil costs have resulted in increased energy costs for businesses and individuals alike. Fortunately, natural gas production within the United States can help lower demand and costs for energy.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has opened up vast reserves of natural gas beneath the United States. Conservative estimates put the amount of natural gas available in American at more than double the amount of crude oil in Saudi Read the rest of this entry »

Early Mining

The use of coal to create electrical energy was discovered in the late 1880s. This coincided with the beginnings of the cement and steel industries. Coal mining during this time was accomplished in underground tunnels. Early coal miners had a difficult job extracting coal with tools such as picks and shovels. The miners had to remove the coal in containers or carts to the surface. There was a high demand for coal despite the dangers the workers faced from explosions, cave-ins and deadly gases.

Preventing Pollution

When machinery was Read the rest of this entry »

Renewable Power Source

As oil prices rise, many countries are seeking alternative sources of electrical power. Wind power offers renewable, easily accessible and clean energy at a low price. Different types of devices have been developed to convert wind to usable power. Canvas, silk and cotton sails have captured wind to move ships and boats on water for hundreds of years. Draining and pumping of water is achieved with wind pump machinery. Windmills made of wood or metal are also an economical source of mechanical power. Today, electrical power is created with modern wind turbines located on large wind Read the rest of this entry »

Oil prices influence everything from the cost of gasoline to the cost of food production. Supply and demand, the state of the countries that produce oil, and market manipulation influence worldwide oil prices for both good and ill.

Supply And Demand

The most obvious and easy to spot issue that changes the worldwide price of oil is simple supply and demand. When there is more oil production and sale than there is demand for oil, prices go down. When there is a large demand for oil from newly industrialized countries or Read the rest of this entry »